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Building with Control4 puts your business ahead of the curve.

Aveon has worked on hundreds of custom and speculative home projects with many of Houston's top custom home builders. We are a boutique, high-touch service company that provides a very personalized level of service to all our clients - builders and homeowners alike. Our best relationships are achieved with a team approach where builder and subcontractors all work together to achieve the best outcome for the ultimate homeowner.

We pride ourselves with delivering creative solutions rooted in experience and delighting our clients with personal attention to detail. With our proposed solutions, we always seek the right balance between performance and value, especially with speculative projects where we don't yet know what's important to the homeowner. In this case, we stress purposeful pre-wire planning and design flexibility in order to provide everyone with plenty of options without breaking the bank. 

Aveon Builder Advantage

It is important for builders to know they can trust their clients in our hands. Our showroom provides a professional environment to demonstrate a variety of home technologies and to help homeowners develop plans to suit their unique needs. Some builders want to be involved every step of the way, while others appreciate handing off the process to Aveon. Ultimately our goal is to help a well-informed client get exactly what they want. 

Our method and process for deploying solutions is the culmination of 20+ years of providing custom audio/video and home automation solutions. If you think that we can be of service to you or your homeowners, we invite you to visit our showroom where we can learn more about your projects and you can see for yourself what your clients can experience when they visit Aveon. 

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Convenient Showroom 

The best way for you and your homeowner to figure out what they want is to "experience" everything first hand. Our showroom provides a comfortable lifestyle setting for demonstrating a wide variety of home technologies - all conveniently located inside the loop at 2405 Norfolk St. (Kirby & 59). 


Most Experienced Control4 Dealer 

We were Houston's first Control4 Dealer and have been planning and installing Control4 solutions for nearly 20 years. Aveon is one of Control4's highest volume and award-winning dealers in the United States. Our experience ensures that we set proper expectations and deliver on promises - every time. 


High Touch Service 

Aveon is a boutique systems integrator which means that we focus on a select number of projects each year. We provide a superlative level of design service, personalization and project management to ensure that our projects are completed on-time and on-budget to the delight of our mutual clients. 


Team Approach

Aveon works with you and your other subcontractors to help deliver a better product and experience for your homeowner. We always try to solve problems "before it's too late" or "wish we had thought of that sooner" whether it's directly related to our work or not. When we earn your trust and confidence, you will not want to work with anyone else. 


Value Engineered Solutions 

We pride ourselves with designing value-oriented solutions to match the desire and budgets of our clients. Control4 was built upon the principle that it shouldn't cost so much. While full-blown home automation projects are not cheap, no longer are they absurdly expensive. Good value never goes out of style and that philosophy permeates our entire business.  


Lighting Control Design Services 

Automated lighting is one of the high-tech features that our clients love most. Lighting control is not about low-voltage wiring, but rather electrical wiring and the placement of switches, dimmers and keypads. Aveon can optimize your lighting switch plans and work with your electricians to simplify their wiring work. We can declutter the walls and make controlling lights intuitive and easy. 


Wired & Ready

One of the most important things you can do as a builder is to  pre-wire purposefully your new construction homes for a variety of technologies. The connected home is a necessity for most people and, at a minimum, homeowners expect great WiFi and cell phone coverage throughout the house. But wireless just doesn’t cut it for television and speaker connections. Aveon continually refines our wiring standards to provide your homeowners with flexibility for what they want today and may need in the future.


Centralized Wiring & Equipment

Can you find a dedicated space for AV gear and other home electronics? For most homes all you need is 6-8 square feet to place an equipment rack. We then wire, ventilate, and provide surge protected power to that central location. In 15+ years, we've never had a client not appreciate this approach. We can always help you find the right space. 


Troubleshooting Expertise

Home and personal electronics have become essential to our daily lives. But as much as they satisfy and serve us, they can also be the source of frustration. As a systems integrator, we work with all kinds of smart technology on a daily basis and can troubleshoot most any problem. Our clients often prefer that we coordinate with their internet provider or their HVAC contractor rather than spend hours themselves troubleshooting some mystery issue. We fully support the technologies we install and pride ourselves on getting to the bottom of problems if and when they occur.

Dedicated Service Team

We know that technology evolves and from time to time needs to be updated or serviced.  At Aveon we have a dedicated service team ready to support our customers.  We believe that we are only as good as our last service call experience and we work hard to take good care of all our builders and homeowners - all the time.


Call today to discuss your next Smart Home project! 

Aveon Design Center and Showroom

2405 Norfolk St,

Houston, TX 77098

Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday by Appointment Only

Phone: 713-529-2282


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