Control4 Smart Home OS 3

Your Life In Control

Every interaction in your home is meaningful - from keeping your family safe and entertained to conserving energy while keeping you comfortable. With sophisticated programming capabilities and a focus on personalization, the redesigned Control4Smart Home OS 3 simplifies and even automates the everyday interactions that make your house a home. Discover how the Smart Home OS 3 empowers you by consolidating all your electronics and smart home devices into one simple-to-use application that you can customize to your liking.

Already a Control4 homeowner? See what's new with OS 3 .

Neeo Remote

The sleek Neeo remote offers Control4 homeowners the combined benefits of a dedicated 3" touchscreen and elegant, tactile buttons for commonly used controls. Powered by OS 3, the new Neeo remote gives homeowners fast access to their Favorites, Media Sharing, Sessions, and more.

Chime Video Doorbell

Chime is the first video doorbell designed for the Control4 smart homes. Chime allows homeowners to see and talk to visitors while controlling the most important smart home features. Homeowners can see and hear who's at the door through the Control4 mobile app or touchscreen, and a 5MP camera with a 180-degree field of view ensures every inch of the property is covered in crystal-clear HD. 

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