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Things I Expect from my Car

So, I just bought a new car.

It's amazing all the technology that's built into it. For example, I can just push a button and the car will start. At night, if I push the button on my keyfob, the headlights come on as well as a light to illuminate my path to the door. When I start the car, it remembers my preferences, and adjusts the seat, mirrors, and even the radio station. Once I start driving, the doors lock automatically. As nighttime approaches, my headlights and dashboard lights turn on automatically. If it happens to rain, my wipers turn on automatically, as well as my headlights. When I turn the car off, the doors unlock and the radio turns off. The headlights stay on, illuminating a path to my destination, and then turn off after a set time.

What I find amazing is that people come to expect these conveniences in their vehicles, but don't even think about them in their homes or offices.

With a Control4 system your lights can turn on when it gets dark. The lights near the door can illuminate as you approach. When you go to bed, all the doors can lock, everything will shut down, a path to the bedroom will be illuminated, and then those lights will turn off after a set time. When you wake up, the shades can raise and the TV can automatically turn on to the morning news. When you leave the house, the TV's, music, and lights can be turned off, the doors and garage can be secured, the thermostats can be set, and the security system can be armed. When you come home, the thermostats can be set, the lights can come on, and your favorite music can play.

The point here is that home automation is sometimes a scary phrase. People shy away from it because it sounds too complicated or sounds like something they would never use. The reality is, you don't "use" home automation. Home automation is really home personalization. Like the new vehicle, we can make your home or office behave as you would like it to, based on your normal activity.

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