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Which Thermostats will Integrate with Control4?

We are often asked which thermostats will work with Control4. For the longest time, the answer was either AprilAire or Control4's own thermostat. Today, there are a slew of thermostats that easily integrate with Control4. 

Below are the thermostats that currently integrate with Control4. Some of them require additional hardware and/or software drivers.


Control4 has their own thermostat which integrates with the Control4 system seamlessly.




Requires additional hardware and software driver.


Honeywell's REDLink series of thermostats will integrate with Control4.

Requires additional hardware and software driver.

The models that will integrate with Control4 are:

  • YTHX9421R5085

  • YTHX9421R5101

  • YTHX9321R5061

  • YTHX9321R5079

  • THX9321R5030

  • THX9321R5030 Prestige

  • TH8110R1008

  • TH8320R1003

  • TH8321R1001

  • YTH6320R1001

  • YTH5320R1000

  • HZ432

  • HZ432K

  • HZ322

  • HZ322K + THM4000R1000 + Redesigned Prestige IAQ, Prestige 2.0, All-New VisionPRO or Wireless FocusPRO

  • This driver is compatible with Mitsubishi HVAC controllers that are RedLINK enabled

  • YTL9160AR1000

  • THX9421R5021WW

  • THM6000R1002

  • Goodman CTK03 and CTK04 ComfortNet Thermostats


Lutron's new Palladiom thermostats have a sleek, modern design, that sits flat on the wall.

It integrates well with Control4.

Requires additional hardware and software driver.



Aprilaire integrates well with Control4.

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