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Lighting Control

Why would I want a Lighting Control System? 

Smart lighting adds style & sophistication, convenience, and energy efficiency to your home. Secure your house by making it appear occupied while you are away. Raise or dim any light in the room, or entire house, with a single touch, or using just your voice. Or have your lighting respond automatically to how you live. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.

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Enjoy the convenience of adjusting your lights from the comfort of any room in your house, or even across the globe. Pre-programmed scenes that remember which lights should be on or off, along with their dimming levels, can be initiated at the touch of a single button, from your phone or tablet, or even over voice control. Imagine walking through the door, with your arms full of groceries, and being able to light a path to the kitchen with your voice. Or, how nice would it be to leave the house for work, and with a single button press know that all the lights in the house (including the ones the kids left on upstairs) are off.


Taking convenience to the next level, a lighting control system can also turn lights on and off automatically, based on the time of day/night, or at a predetermined time. For example, outside and landscape lighting can come on at dusk and off at dawn.

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Security & Safety 

Good lighting is essential to home security and safety. Programmed scenes can properly illuminate indoor and outdoor pathways, so you never have to enter or exit a dark home.   Integrating your lighting control system with your security system can allow your lights to come on in the event the alarm is triggered.   A vacation scene programmed into your lighting system will create the appearance of random activity within your home even when you are miles away.   Investing in a lighting system will provide peace of mind to you and everyone in your family.

Style & Sophistication 

Lighting controls are not only useful, but will add style and sophistication to your home. Smart lighting provides sophisticated style in sleek color configurations, guaranteed to complement the beauty of your home. Everything about a lighting control system is high-tech, from the wireless remotes, to the dimmer controls with subtle LED indicators that are easily seen in the dark.


Add elegance and show off your home in its “best light” with a lighting control system. Programmed scenes make it easy to set the mood for entertaining and highlight architectural features in your home. Have a piece of art that you want prominently displayed? Adjust the lighting on your artwork to showcase all of its beauty.


Lutron Lighting Controls

We highly recommend and install lighting solutions from Lutron. Visit Lutron’s website for more information about the lighting control systems that we can install for you. Below are just a few of Lutron's most popular options including the Lutron SeeTouch, Grafik T, and Palladiom keypads. 

Lutron RadioRA 2 Lighting System

Choose from a variety of wireless components to customize and expand your system from a single room to your whole home. Seamlessly integrate with the full line of Lutron wireless shades and drapes, as well as occupancy / vacancy sensors for total lighting control. This expanded wireless total home control system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight, electric light, and temperature throughout your home.

New Construction vs. Existing Home Retrofits 

It used to be that installing a sophisticated lighting control system only made sense during construction because of all the specialized wiring required. But now every home can be easily retrofitted with a wireless solution. We recommend and install Lutron’s RadioRa2 system for retrofits – you’ll find nothing more sophisticated and easy to use. It’s so good, that we often recommend it for new construction as well since you can start small and expand one switch at a time.

Lutron Homeworks Lighting System

Energize your mornings with natural light, while ensuring privacy when you want it. Quiet automated shades work at the touch of a button or through a personalized schedule. HomeWorks QS offers a much more extensive hardware selection than RadioRA 2, which provides for more complex design. While you can set up HomeWorks QS systems in a local strategy, you can also centralize them. In a centralized system design, loads / fixtures are home run back to panels in an equipment room.


Why Choose Aveon to Install Your Lighting Control System? 

We’re not electrical contractors – we are home technology specialists. So instead of focusing on cabling and patch panels, we first discuss your ideas, your lifestyle, the technologies available and your budget criteria before we present you with recommendations and options. This complete approach helps to set everyone’s expectations and ensures that you really get what you want and need. No one can match our expertise for designing and installing home lighting systems.

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