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Home security


Home security goes beyond the traditional security alarm system that protects your doors and windows. Home security can include surveillance cameras, automated deadbolts, and garage door control; all of which can be monitored and controlled from your tablet or mobile phone.


With an enhanced security system, controlled by Control4, you have the ability to see if your deadbolts are locked or unlocked, see if your garage doors are open or closed, and know who is entering your home, from practically anywhere in the world.


Adding video surveillance cameras to the perimeter of your home allows you to see what’s going on, 24x7. We use high-definition cameras that work both day and night. Our Video Recorders allow you to use your phone or tablet to view your camera feeds; both live and recorded.


If you have an automated lighting control system, we can program it such that your exterior lights come on in the evening. We can even integrate your lights with your security alarm system so that the lights come on if your alarm is triggered.

Control4 Door Lock

Visit our design center and showroom to learn how we can make Control4 work for you. To get started today, give us a call at 713-529-2282 and schedule an appointment.

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