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Safe and Secure

Last week while having a late lunch with coworkers, I received a text on my phone from my home automation system, telling me that my daughter's code had unlocked the door and disarmed the home security system. I opened the camera app on my phone, and from there I could see that she was safely home. To me it was just a normal sequence of events, but to my coworkers it was a technological miracle.

When we had the Control4 home automation system installed, my husband was excited about the ability to control the lights, his music, all the TV's, and the pool. I was less excited about those things, but absolutely delighted about the ability to use my phone (or iPad) to see when someone unlocked the door, disarmed the security, or left a package. To him, home automation provided convenience. To me, it provided something a lot more important; peace of mind.

What I really like about my Control4 home automation system is that it allows me access to certain aspects of my house when I can't be there. It is important to me to know when the kids get home from school, if a door is left unlocked, or if a garage door is left open. It is also important to me to be able to lock an unlocked door or close an open garage door, as well as view our surveillance cameras matter where I am.

So while I may never use my phone to turn on the TV, or control the pool, you can be sure that I always have it handy when I know the kids are on their way home.

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