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What's In An App?

If you would have walked through my living room anytime in the past week, you would have seen this;

my daughter Cameron, recovering from her third knee surgery.

More specifically, you would have seen the Control4 remote in her lap and the Control4 app on her phone.

Following the first two surgeries, someone always had to be home to take care of her needs. Because she was unable to walk, we would have to turn off the lights when she needed to nap, adjust the thermostat, or play the music she liked through the speakers.

Now that we have Control4 home automation, things are a little different. Because Cam has the Control4 app on her phone she has gone from being helpless to being in control.

When she feels like taking a nap she can turn off the TV, turn off the lights, lower the shades, and put on her music. Likewise, when she wakes up, she can control her surroundings to meet her needs.

I'd say, if only she could get her own food with an app she wouldn't need me at all. But technically, she can.

We typically use the Control4 remote to control the TV, cable box, DVD player, and the volume. Even without having the Control4 app, the remote can do most of the things the app can do. It's really quite amazing and very easy to use. My kids have gravitated to the app much more so than I. In fact, a typical evening in our home will find the kids "fighting" over what channel to watch and the volume level, because they basically all have control. When I was a kid, he who controlled the remote, was king. Today we're all kings...

Having Control4 has allowed Cam the ability to do things she normally couldn't do in her current situation. It's easy to see how life changing it could be for someone with limited mobility.

I think about my mom, and how nice it would be if she had a Control4 system. She struggles to get around her two-story home, so having the ability for her to turn off all the lights, adjust the thermostats, raise and lower the shades, lock the doors, and close the garage is huge when my dad is out of town or she's home alone for any period of time. I can't wait to show them all of the things Control4 can do in my home. More importantly, I can't wait to show them how easy it is to use and that they don't need to fear the technology.

Once they've had a chance to "play" with Control4 in my home they will see it's advantages and be eager to install it in theirs.

If you would like to see a demonstration of all the things Control4 can do, contact us to schedule a time to visit our showroom.

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